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ABOUT US    We have an unstoppable passion for architecture, and it is thrilling for us to have clients who are just as excited about the creative process.  In three decades of work the comment that we value hearing the most is, “You changed my life,” and this is the result that we constantly strive to achieve. We believe that how you experience, live or work in the built environment has a profound impact on mind, body and community.

OUR SERVICES    We offer the full range of architectural services from Discovery and Schematic Design through Construction Details.   We can be a single source studio and offer Zoning and Site Research, direction for Conservation and Energy Compliance, Landscape and Interior Design, and all necessary interface with Building and Planning Departments.  We have strong relationships in the design and construction communities, and are well respected, in fact sought after, for our collaboration skills.  

OUR PROCESS   We believe that architecture begins with a dialogue  – at most basic this is a series of questions about a proposed project, site and budget.  In our office, this initial dialogue has evolved into a crucial design tool – not note-taking, but an inspired and guided process of discovery.  Clients have variously described this stage as “clarifying,” “game changing,” “assuring,” and “illuminating.”  In all cases, it is during this dialogue that the first designs begin to emerge.

 We understand that each building is an investment on many levels.  Multidisciplinary training and years of experience have given us a unique vantage point from which to assess our clients’ best combination of function, aesthetics, sustainability and economics. And our inclusive team-building process intimately involves all of the stakeholders, including the construction team, from the beginning.  Using outstanding communication tools, 3D models, and expert partners, our focus is to help you visualize and perfect your project while being supported by our respectful artistic direction.

INNOVATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE    We believe that good design is both enduring and innovative.  A contemporary addition or renovation need not obscure or diminish the original building.  Instead, we aim to enhance the whole, write a new chapter within the larger story, and create a space that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Sustainability is at the core of being both enduring and innovative.  It has always been our mission to maximize the use of renewable resources and minimize environmental impact. 

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